Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red and White

Not to be outdone by the red Olympic mitten craze, one of my favourite retailers has embraced the red and the white in their latest window display.

Dressew ("dress-sew") is a bargain-priced haven for sewers and crafty people with a selection of fabrics from upholstery to faux fur, and a wide-range of notions from buttons and buckles to fringes and boas.

I'm neither sewer nor crafter but I do venture past the "no drinks inside" sign for the jam-packed aisles of Halloween costumes and accessories (in season of course). And I love their window displays. My bus ride takes me by them and I am always tickled by their simplicity and subtle humour.

Today's stop made me look twice. So simple in a town that's going over-the-top with Olympic display. Like the red mitts, I had to stop and snap the red and white (aka Go Canada Go!!) display with the torso-less mannequins sporting what looks like rounds of gouda cheese. Smile!

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